Finding your "Bright Spots"

If you’re familiar with the work of Chip and Dan Health (authors of books like “Made to Stick”, worth a read if you haven’t already) they talk a lot about finding Bright Spots.

We probably all have that friend that can spend hours listing out all of the things they hate about their job, but have they ever spent any time looking at the things they like about it? What drew them to that career in the first place?

There are times in your life when it doesn’t make sense to look at the big picture and that’s in times of change. When it comes to making changes, if you try to look at everything at once you will quickly feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to “fix” and that overwhelm will lead to inaction. Paralysis by analysis.

A better way, is to look at the things that you are doing right now. What’s working and how can you build on those small wins and find ways to make more of them. Success breeds motivation and when we’re motivated we want to keep the success train running at full speed.

A mortgage isn’t just a mortgage. For my clients it’s the vehicle I use to help them achieve their success. Whatever success looks like for them. It’s not always easy to find your bright spots. In general we are pretty hard on ourselves but I encourage you to TRY. Since we are coming to the end of a financially stressful time of year, make it money related. Share in our comments if you’d like, there’s no judgement. Let’s start off your New Year looking at and building on what is going right rather than what isn’t. It’s the best way to get motivated.

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