Relationships vs. Transactions: Why It's More than a Mortgage

I entered the wold of entrepreneurship over ten years ago with little experience but the strong desire to help as many people as possible. From the very beginning it was more than just a business. I got to know my clients. I knew where they worked, their spouse’s name, kids names and ages. I even helped plan proposals and organize baby showers. Now almost four years after having sold the business and closed the doors, I’m still in contact with many of those clients.

I was reminded of the value of creating relationships the other day while talking with a new client. They are self-employed which means in order to determine what their mortgage options could be, I need a lot of paperwork. I told the client that I would be happy to talk to their accountant directly which would save time and prevent my client from having to be the go between.

“Oh that would be amazing!” said my client, “I’m not that organized and it sometimes takes me a while to find all that paperwork.” She then promptly sent an email to her accountant to make the necessary introductions.

And that’s the idea. I don’t “sell mortgages”. I help my clients. Sometimes it’s talking to their accountant to get paperwork, or having a call after the kids go to bed, or meeting on a Saturday morning before hockey to get a commitment signed. My life usually looks a lot like theirs so it’s easy to think “what would make life easier for me?” and that’s how I help.

Even after over a decade of being an entrepreneur, my focus is still on building relationships with my clients. We talk regularly. I want to help them reach their financial goals and become mortgage free faster so I check in to see how they are doing.

When you’re ready to work with someone who will stay in touch AFTER your mortgage transaction closes, give me a call. Because that’s what friends do.

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