Do you have equity in your home that you would like to access to pay of debt, renovate or invest? There are options available for you to do an equity take out to accomplish your plans.  We help assess cash flow and look at the full impact of this option on your personal finances.  If you are paying off high interest debts the transaction includes an assessment and plan for your newly found cash flow to achieve becoming mortgage-free faster.

Mortgage Renewals


Did you know that you might not be getting the best deal by renewing your mortgage with your current lender?  6 months before your renewal date you can contact us for you FREE mortgage renewal assessment.  We evaluate what is available in the marketplace and what you are being offered and help to ensure you are saving the most money in interest on your transaction.



Did you know that as a business owner you have mortgage options?  We have lenders who love to work with self-employed clients.  We work with you to plan how much salary you need to draw from the company in order to qualify for the best mortgage products available to you.  As self-employed professionals ourselves we understand how to assess your finances and net worth to get you great mortgage options to select from.

Reverse Mortgage


Are you over 55 and have equity in your home but aren’t ready to move?  As certified Reverse Mortgage Specialists we can help you access this equity through a CHIP/HomEquity product.  You can access your equity in your home for a big purchase (like an investment property or a child’s wedding) or to draw a monthly payment from your home under the home equity loan.  Don’t you deserve to be free of monthly payments in your golden years?

Credit Repair


With additional education in credit improvement we can review your credit bureau and assist you on improving your score.  Did you know that your credit score affects what type of mortgage and interest rates you are eligible for?  We can help you create a plan for eliminating debt and boosting your score so that you will qualify for the best mortgages available.  We also have mortgage solutions available for clients with previous consumer proposals or bankruptcy on their bureau.

Lines of Credit


Need a little extra cash for a short term expense like starting a business, renovating your home or paying for a student’s education?  We can help assess your secured and unsecured line of credit options. A line of credit offers you the flexibility to access money when you need it, pay it off and still have access to funds in the future.

Collateral Mortgages


Do you need a re-advancing line of credit bundled together with your mortgage?  We have lenders that offer products where you gain access to room in your line of credit as you pay down your mortgage.  We can help you assess if this type of mortgage is right for you.  We also have lenders that will accept a switch from a collateral product should you have one and want out of it but want to avoid some of the penalties these mortgages may include.

Property Investors/Cottage Owners


We have lenders that target property investors or clients with seasonal homes.  They will allow you to offset the costs of your assets with rental income and fund multiple properties.  If you have multiple properties or would like to we can evaluate your financing options.

Purchase Plus Improvements


Did you find a home to buy but it needs some improvement like a new flooring, kitchen or a roof?  Under the purchase plus improvements program you can access up to $40 000 to pay for a renovation that will increase the equity in the home.  This amount will get rolled into your mortgage when the work is completed.  Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your home before you moved in?

Early Renewal


When the mortgage rate is lower than your current contract it may be a good idea to pay your penalty to break your mortgage and get a better rate.  We will help you assess how much it would costs to break your mortgage and how much money you will save in interest.  Contact us anytime you would like to know about your options, our assessments and advice are always free.