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Mortgage Agent


​Cell: 905-716-9063


Being a home owner for years, Chris never worked with a mortgage broker. Like most homebuyers and homeowners, he went to the bank and took what they offered. Once he started to do some digging, he realized there were so many aspects to a mortgage beyond the rate. After working with Element Mortgage Group, he realized there was much more to home financing than he originally thought. His 15 years in the IT industry, his problem solving skills and analytical ability has transferred over well to the Mortgage Industry. Nothing annoys him more than poor customer service, so you can be sure he will check in with you often, ensure all is going well, and he will let you know if there is anything trending in the mortgage industry that you need to be aware of; all things he never get from his bank.


As a father of two young children he understands the increasing costs of day to day living in Canada. His focus is on cashflow management and he will work with you to help ease the financial stress of running a household.

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